newbb电子平台 Website Policy Statement

本隐私政策描述了newbb电子平台为我们的网站收集和传播信息的做法:  www.俄亥俄州.edu.  This Policy outlines the information we may collect, 我们如何保护它, how me may use that information, and how you can elect to change your information.  newbb电子平台不出售或出租网站访问者信息,也不共享网站访问者信息,除非法律要求.

Collection of Information

While using our website, newbb电子平台可能会收集和存储有关您使用本网站的某些信息, 包括 the IP address from which you accessed the website, 域名, the type of browser and operating system used to access the website, the name of the website from which you entered our site, 日期和时间戳, 的页面, 文件, documents and links that you visited or downloaded, and any errors encountered.

newbb电子平台 will only collect personal information such as your name, 街道地址, 您自愿提供给我们的电子邮件地址和电话号码. 也, 匿名, 不可识别的个人信息是通过第三方聚合器收集的, such as Google Analytics, 包括年龄, 性别, and limited geographic information. newbb电子平台将从您那里收集的信息用于系统管理目的, 滥用预防, 跟踪用户趋势,更好地关注访问者的需求和兴趣, to foster and promote further communications, and improve the functionality of our website.



当您浏览我们的网站时,我们可能会以cookie的形式在您的计算机上存储一些信息.  cookie允许我们定制我们的网站,以更好地匹配您的兴趣和偏好.  cookie通常收集非个人身份信息,以便更好地了解所有用户的浏览行为,从而使在线广告体验更具相关性和吸引力. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, 但如果你愿意,你通常可以修改你的浏览器设置来拒绝cookies.  If you choose to decline cookies, 您可能无法完全体验我们网站的所有功能和内容.


Sharing of Information

如果您从大学寻求信息,并向我们提供个人身份信息, we will typically only use that information to respond to your inquiry, 请求, 或订单.  我们也可能与您联系,为您提供有关newbb电子平台活动的信息, 项目, 特别活动, membership and development opportunities that may interest you.  We may process credit card information to properly bill your account, 当可适用, 我们可能会因为与newbb电子平台的关系而与你联系.

If we use your personal information to contact you, 我们将为您提供一种方法,允许您选择退出未来的通信.  You can also contact us by e-mail, 写信或打电话, at the below contact information to opt-out of future communications.


  • We have your consent to share the information.
  • 我们需要分享您的信息以提供您所要求的服务或产品.
  • 我们需要将您的信息发送给代表newbb电子平台工作的第三方,以提供服务或产品.
  • The information is directory information consistent with FERPA regulations.
  • We need to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or any other legal process.
  • 我们认为有必要保护和捍卫newbb电子平台的合法权利和/或财产.





Within our website, there are links to non- newbb电子平台 websites.  When you link to a third-party website, 你离开newbb电子平台的网站,不再受我们的隐私政策.  newbb电子平台不对非newbb电子平台网站的隐私惯例或内容负责, 这些链接并不代表对这些网站或其内容的认可.


European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR)

欧盟GDPR为实际位于欧洲经济区的个人提供广泛的隐私保护.  Under certain circumstances, 欧盟GDPR可能适用于newbb电子平台在欧洲经济区的活动.  When subject to the EU GDPR, newbb电子平台 will comply with GDPR’s core privacy principles, which principles provide that personal data shall be:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner;
  • Collected for specific, 明确和合法的目的,并且不以与该目的不相容的方式进一步处理;
  • Retained only as long as necessary; and
  • 安全.

To achieve its core mission, 对于newbb电子平台来说,处理学生的个人数据是必要的, 员工, 申请人, 研究对象, 校友, and others involved in its educational, research and community 项目.  为此目的, newbb电子平台 processes personal information for various lawful reasons, 包括, 但不限于, academic admissions and enrollment, 学生注册, residence life; delivery of classroom, 在线, and study abroad education 项目; administration and oversight  of recreation 项目, student organizations, and other various student affairs activities; distribution of grades, 材料, and other communications by and among students, faculty and staff; 就业; applied research, program development and analysis; job hiring and 就业; provision of medical services or health insurance; engagement with the community at-large; compliance with internal policies, 程序, 和指导方针, as well as applicable federal, state and local laws; and record retention.

Personal data processed by newbb电子平台 typically includes name, address, 电子邮件, 电话号码, 成绩单, 工作经历, financial information, information for payroll, research subject information, medical and health information (for admissions, student health services, 旅行, 等.),以及捐款.  如果您对收集和使用您的个人资料有特别的疑问, 请联系 news@俄亥俄州.edu 或者打740.593.1000.

如资料当事人拒绝提供newbb电子平台根据newbb电子平台的合法依据收集该等个人资料所要求的个人资料, 这种拒绝可能会使newbb电子平台无法提供教育, 就业, research or other 请求ed services.




newbb电子平台将其收集的数据保存在指定的时间段内 newbb电子平台 Retention Manual.


Disclaimer of Liability

Neither newbb电子平台 nor any of its departments, 项目, 员工, 代理人或个人受托人应对任何不当或错误使用本网站所描述和/或包含的信息承担责任,并对任何人使用该信息不承担任何责任.


Consent to This Privacy Policy

通过使用我们的网站, 您表示您同意我们在本网站这一区域发布的现行隐私政策条款.  If you do not agree with any term in this Policy, please do not provide any Personal Information on this site.  If you do not provide Personal Information on this site, you may not be able to do certain things, like access particular areas of the site, 请求 certain types of information, or send us 电子邮件 communications.


Access to Your Personal Information

根据要求,您可以查看、更新和更正您提供给我们的个人信息. To access this information, 请联系 us at news@俄亥俄州.edu 或者打740.593.1000.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may occasionally decide to change our Privacy Policy, especially as new features are added to our website. If there are changes to this Policy, 我们将在这里发布这些更改,以便您始终了解我们收集的信息, 以及我们如何使用它. 如果我们在任何时候决定以不同于收集时所述的方式使用您的个人信息, 我们将通知您,您可以选择我们是否以这种不同的方式使用您的信息.




Our postal address is:

雅典:OH 45701-2979

We can be reached via e-mail at news@俄亥俄州.edu. We can be reached by telephone at 740.593.1000.



Effective October 22, 2018