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The Community Engagement Programs staff within 校外生活 assists students who live off campus by serving as as a resource for navigating their transition from on-campus living to off campus life often for the very first time.  In order for OHIO students to successfully acclimate to the wider community an understanding of community standards is necessary such as city policies, trash & 回收协议,校外安全派对主办人信息等等.

想住在校外? 不知从何说起? 校外生活 has compiled the information below to help with the transition off campus.


Getting Started

你可能已经想到了一些明显的偏好, 比如租金价格和位置, or house vs. apartment.

However, before you begin looking at rentals, you may want to have a list of "necessities". 在签订租约之前,你可能需要考虑以下几个问题. 当你打电话介绍一个地方时,在安排去看之前先问问你的喜好. Taking the time to make a list of preferences before you start your search will save you time in your search process. 

  • 你们的租金范围是多少?
  • 这个价格包括水电费吗?
  • 你想要一个室友吗?有几个?
  • 是否可以在路边停车,是否需要额外收费?
  • 你在找有中央空调的房子吗?
  • 你想要什么样的厨房?
  • 你要垃圾处理机还是洗碗机?
  • 你是想要现场洗衣设施,还是要去自助洗衣店?
  • 你怎么去学校? (汽车、步行、公共交通等.)
  • 你有资格申请通勤停车许可证吗?
Signing a Lease

不只是为了找个地方住而签租约吗. 签租约前先阅读一下!

签一份租约不仅仅是为你预留了一个地方,它还是一份法律文件. 一旦你签了租约,你就要对租约的条款负责. If there are agreements between you and the property manager regarding changes to the lease or property, 除非有书面变更,否则不要在租约上签字.


  • 租约上的newbb电子平台是否正确?
  • 入住和搬出的日期是什么时候?
  • 是否有续租条款?
  • 房租是多少,什么时候交?
  • 租金可以增加吗?
  • 逾期付款的处罚是什么?
  • 需要交押金吗?? 如果是的话,押金是多少?
  • Are pets allowed? 如果是这样,是否需要额外的费用或押金?
  • 租客可以转租公寓或房子吗?
  • 装修公寓或房子有什么限制吗?
  • 有客人限制吗??
  • 物业是否有操守规则(i.e. 没有派对,没有户外家具等等.)?
  • 谁负责草坪护理和除雪?


通常有几种类型的租赁协议. 每个项目对租户和物业经理都有不同的好处. 雅典最普遍的租赁类型是“连带责任租赁”。. 这种租约规定承租人对财产负连带责任. This means that if one tenant were to not pay their rent then all the tenants could be held legally liable for that payment. 在这一领域使用的另一种租赁协议是“个人租赁”. In such an agreement each individual signs a specific lease and they are held individually liable for such an agreement. Depending on your specific situation you may want to ask your perspective landlord what types of leases they have available that might fit your preferences.


根据俄亥俄州的法律, a "security deposit" is officially defined as "any deposit of money or property to secure performance by the tenant under a rental agreement." The property manager most likely will require you to pay a deposit to cover any unpaid rent or damages you might cause during your tenancy. 保证金, however, does not give the tenant permission to damage the property during the leasing period.

当你搬出去时,把你的转寄地址以书面形式告诉你的房东. 一旦你离开,房东有30天的时间退还你的保证金. 如果你拿不回来的话, 房东必须寄一份关于扣款的详细清单.

For information on what you can do during move in and out that may help you get a fair amount of your security deposit returned or if you believe your security deposit is being unfairly withheld, the  学生法律服务中心  也许能帮上忙,看看他们的 保证金包.



  • Cleanliness
  • Privacy
  • Guest policies
  • Parties
  • 分享东西
  • Paying bills

A roommate agreement is a great tool to use when and / or after deciding who you would like to live with in your apartment or house. The roommate contract will assist you and your new roommates with determining house rules, who will pay for what and several other items that will be helpful in creating a successful living environment.



在校外生活时,房租并不是你唯一的开销. Setting a personal budget will help you track your money and help you make spending decisions. 点击下面的链接查找年度和月度预算工作表. 此外,请参阅我们的智能租房指南,了解预算的技巧.






There are several ways that you may need to respond to paying and setting up utilities. The terms of your lease may specify that either you or your landlord are responsible for the maintenance of utilities or some combination of the two. If you are responsible for some or all of your utilities here are some links that may help in setting those up.

Something else to consider if you are paying your own utilities in a house with multiple tenants is how you will do so.


如果你不想没有手机, 几天的煤气或电力服务, 在你搬进去之前和公用事业公司联系一下. 当你搬出去时,记得切断你的公用设施.

俄亥俄州消费者顾问办公室(OCC)  OCC是一个住宅公用事业倡导者,代表了4个社区的利益.5 million households in proceedings before state and federal regulators and in the courts. The state agency provides information and responds to consumers' questions about their electric, natural gas, 电话及供水服务.


水,下水道,垃圾 & Recycling

美国电力公司  1.800.277.2177

俄亥俄州哥伦比亚天然气公司  1.800.344.4077

AT&T  1.800.222.0300
Verizon  1.800.483.3000

DirectTV  1.855.383.6121
Dish Network  1.888.310.2495
Specturm  1-855-419-6036

Specturm  1-855-419-6036
Frognet  740.593.3764


.Just Energy
(855) 387-6071

Moving In/Out


在你搬进公寓之前, 检查你的租赁并记录下任何需要修理的东西, 损坏或危险. 您可以通过点击下面的链接使用样本检查表单. 如果您发现租赁物品有问题,而检查表上又没有, 在附加评论部分记下它.

理想情况下,当你检查物业时,物业经理应该在场. 检验完成后, ask your property manager to sign the inspection form to ensure that you both agree to the outcome of the inspection. 不能到场或拒绝在检查表上签字的, 把你的发现发给他们. Furthermore, be sure you and your property manager are in agreement as to how the problems will be fixed. 这些问题应该如何解决应该在你的租约中列出.


Inspection Form (摘自俄亥俄州立大学学生公寓法律诊所)




最好对你的公寓或房子的检查进行录像或拍照. 关键是要把一切都拍下来. It is also important that you can prove that the pictures or video that you took are dated accurately. 举着报纸在你的照片是一种方法. 这不是绝对的证据,但总比没有好. Also, do not pause the tape if you are videotaping because it may look like it has been edited. Be sure to take the same precautions when you move out of your apartment or house to help prove your case regarding the condition you left your place if it is challenged by your property manager. 校外生活区有摄像机可供外借.


转租是当一个人, 谁与房东签了租约, 把自己的房间或公寓租给别人. 在大多数情况下,如果你转租,你仍然是原来的租约. As a result, you continue to be responsible for all lease provisions and for the actions of the sub letter until the end of the agreement. 记住,转租协议和租约是分开的.

在你选择转租之前要考虑的一件非常重要的事情是,检查你的租约. 它可能不允许你转租公寓或房间. It is always best to get permission from your landlord first before trying to sublease your place.

请记住,因为雅典的大多数房东提供12个月的租约, 许多学生都想在夏天转租他们的公寓或房间. There are more students looking to sublet their place than there are students wanting to enter a sublease agreement. 也没有中央的方式来宣传转租机会.  Some options for advertising include, local newspaper ads (Athens News, Athens Messenger & 《newbb电子平台》),并在校园里张贴传单.

The  学生法律服务中心  还提供有关转租的宝贵信息.

Landlord Issues

While living off-campus you may find yourself in a situation you may not know how to handle. 这里有一些典型的情况和资源来帮助解决这些问题. The 学生法律服务中心 is a great resource for Students dealing with Landlord issue. 下面是房东交流的一些例子. 如有其他问题或来函样访 学生法律服务中心.


If your property manager is not making repairs in a timely manner or not responding to your requests at all, click on the following link to the Center for Student Legal Services for steps you can take to remedy the situation.



The law generally requires that the property manager give you at least 24 hours notice before entering your home. 如果你的物业经理非法进入你的家, click on the following link to the 学生法律服务中心 for a form to file a formal complaint to your property manager:



当你搬出去时,把你的转寄地址以书面形式告诉你的房东. 一旦你离开,房东有30天的时间退还你的保证金. 如果你拿不回来的话, 房东必须寄一份关于扣款的详细清单. For information on what you can do during move in and out that may help you get a fair amount of your security deposit returned or if you believe your security deposit is being unfairly withheld, 请按以下连结前往学生法律服务中心: